About Us

Certbot.in is one of the most popular online services for sharing text. It couldn’t be any easier to create a new paste: just add your text in the box and click Create New Paste, then share the resulting link. If you’d like, you can configure a few options like syntax highlighting, setting an expiration date, and whether the paste is unlisted or public.

The interface is simple to use and loads fast on slow connections. Easily create, edit, and publish text and images and embed videos. Thankfully, formatting is retained when pasting content from a word processor or website (excluding some page elements like boxes).

You don’t need to create an account to upload, but signing into a free account allows you to edit or delete what you paste later. Certbot.in also offers a premium subscription, which all but the most dedicated pasters should be fine without.

Certbot.in allows you to encrypt your pastes, great for those containing potentially sensitive information. It also permits multiple pastes in one upload and supports expiration after a certain amount of views instead of a set time.

There are useful HTML functions, like adding or removing links and the ability to edit HTML in a separate window that displays the code. You can save your work as source code in several languages (code will be colored appropriately).

Certbot.in automatically creates links to whatever you publish. There's a long link, and a short link that's useful for sharing in email or on social media sites. Or, you can create a custom page name.